Technical Excursion to Black Sea coast

Technical Tour to Black Sea Coast (24th May 08:30- 25th May- 13:00)

From Friday to Saturday morning a technical tour will be organized to a special nature site - which is of high ecological value - where natural phenomena occur - and where ideas from HYDRALAB are significant.

We travel to Gura Portitei ( which is a tourist place built on the barrier beach that separates a lagoon - part of the Danube Delta - from the Black Sea. Gura Portitei is close to the former inlet of the lagoon, which was closed during the communist period. It has suffered significant ecological changes afterwards.

It is the tourist camp in a nature reserve - where we can see the interactions between water and lagoon vegetation (mainly reeds, etc.).

On the way we stop at Histria, where we visit the ruins of the biggest settlement on the NW Black Sea coast built by Ancient Greeks about 2800 years ago, conquered by Julius Caesar. It was part of Roman Empire till 6th Century AD, when the previous gulf was clogged by rapid sedimentation rate changes of the Danube.


The tour starts 8:30 from Bucharest, starting point of the journey: Ramada Majestic Bucharest Hotel.

From Bucharest it takes about 3:30 hours to arrive to Jurilovca - the place on land from where we need to cross by boat(s). Crossing of the lagoon - by speedboat - takes 20 minutes. To return to Bucharest - we leave Jurilovca at 08.30 at the latest to be able to be in Bucharest Henri Coanda Airport by 13:00.

The accommodation: we have booked all the 45 rooms on a house boat called Bella Marina which is moored in the harbour of Jurilovca - across the lagoon from Portita,29.0164619,9z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x40ba3c5f9f2fe459:0x286dac1bca4921f0!8m2!3d44.6890237!4d29.0049425 

Presentation video: