Adaptation for Climate Change

HYDRALAB brings together European researchers and stakeholders to improve experimental research focusing on adaptation to climate change.

Countries worldwide are being faced with the severe consequences of climate change: sea level rise, extreme river discharges, more frequent storm events, and more wave and river-flow impacts on their coasts and riparian margins.

To be prepared for the future, new knowledge from experimental hydraulic and environmental research is needed to design sound climate change adaptation solutions. HYDRALAB bridges the gap between scientists, manufacturers of hi-tech measurement technics, policy makers and end users who can rely on the projects’ results.

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CORIOLIS II platform: key research infrastructure for the celebration of the CNRS 80th anniversary

For 365 days, the CNRS will celebrate, through events in France and abroad, the values at the foundation of the institution: the freedom of research, the advancement of knowledge, the team work, the scientific excellence, innovation and knowledge transfer, social progress and dissemination of scientific culture. 

The CORIOLIS II platform has been selected as one of the key research infrastructure for the celebration of the CNRS 80th anniversary, under:

A virtual visit of the Coriolis platform as the worldwide largest turntable dedicated to Environmental Fluid Mechanics, has been created for that purpose.

The link to the visit is: 

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