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Group Membership
Hydralab+ Partner -
JRA1 (RECIPE) - REpresenting Climate Change In Physical Experiments
JRA2 (COMPLEX) - Cross disciplinary Observations of Morphodynamics and Protective structures, Linked to Ecology and eXtreme events
JRA3 (FREE Data) - Facilitating the Re-use and Exchange of Experimental Data
WP1 (Project Management) - A group for WP1 members
NA5 (Foresight Studies) - A group for WP6 - NA5 Foresight Studies
TA (Transnational Access) - A group for all Transnational Access WPs
NA1(Outreach to new users and review procedure) - A group for WP2 - NA1 Outreach to new users and review procedure
NA2 (Building a virtual HYDRALAB Community) - A group for WP3 - NA2 Building a virtual HYDRALAB Communit
NA3 (Training the Next Generation Researchers) - A group for WP4 - NA3 Training the Next Generation Researcher
NA4 (Workshop events with Stakeholders) - A group for WP5 - NA4 Workshop events with Stakeholder
NA6 (Innovation) - A group for WP7 - NA6 Innovation
MT - Management of the consortium
TA Provider - Provider of transnational access facilities
TA User - Transnational access user
IAB - International Advisory Board Members
AP - Hydralab+ Associated Partners
EC - European Commission Representatives
IP - Invited Participants
TA Selection Panel - Transnational access User Selection Panel member
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