Hydralab Joint User Meeting Programme

Programme of Joint User Meeting


The Hydralab Joint User Meeting is a mini-conference during the 6th Hydralab+ event in Bucharest on May 23, 2019. The (preliminary) results of each Trans-national Access project of Hydralab+ will be presented. The projects cover the following topics:

  1. Ice engineering
  2. Oceanography & mixing processes
  3. Flows & environmental research
  4. Wave/flow structure interactions
  5. Coastal hydrodynamics
  6. Morphodynamics and sediment transport

These topic numbers are used in the following overview of the programme:

Live Streaming  
start end Room: “I.L. Caragiale” topic Room: “Academiei” topic
09:00 09:05 Opening: Mark Klein Breteler   Opening: Pierre-Yves Henry  
    session 1a, chair: Mark Klein Breteler   session 1b, chair: Pierre-Yves Henry   
09:05 09:25 H+-DHI-09-SparBOFWEC 4 H+-UPC-01-CIEM 5
09:25 09:45 H+DHI-10-HyWEdges 3 H+-UPC-03-CIEM 6
09:45 10:05 H+-DHI-01-WaveCurrentInt 5 H+-UPC-02-CIEM 6
10:05 10:25 H+-Deltares-03-DF-Kortenhaus 4 H+-NTNU-01-StratWeb 3
10:25 10:45 H+-Deltares-12-DB-Heller 5 H+-Aalto-02-Wave 1
10:45 11:20 coffee/tea
    session 2a, chair: Stefan Schimmels  session 2b, chair: Andrea Haase 
11:20 11:40 H+-Deltares-16-DB-Bruce 4 H+‐AALTO‐06‐UNIS 1
11:40 12:00 H+_LUH_03_Basin_RodBreak 4 H+-HSVA-01-Kvaerner 1
12:00 12:20 H+_LUH_08_GWK_DynaRev 6 H+-HSVA-02-UCL 1
12:20 12:40 H+_LUH_17_GWK_ICODEP 4 HY+_HSVA‐06_UNIS 1
12:40 13:00 H+_LUH_22_GWK_RESIST 3 HY+_HSVA‐08_UNI ST.ANDREWS 2
13:00 14:00 lunch
    session 3a, chair: Stuart McLelland  session 3b, chair: Joel Sommeria  
14:00 14:20 H+-HULL-01-TES 6 H+-CNRS-01-Adduce 2
14:20 14:40 H+-HULL-02resub-TES 3 H+-CNRS-02-Darelius 2
14:40 15:00 H+-HULL-07-TES 3 H+-CNRS-07-Gacic 2
15:00 15:20 H+-HULL-10-TES 6 H+-CNRS-08-Pierini 2
15:20 15:40 H+-HRW-02-Kleinhans 6 H+-CNRS-06-DeSerio 3
15:40 16:00 H+-HRW-01-Troch 4    
16:00 16:30 coffee/tea
16:30 17:15 Feedback session, chair: Mark Klein Breteler

Detailed programme

Session 1a (Room: “I.L. Caragiale”) - Live Streaming  Session 1b (Room: “Academiei”) - Live Streaming 

09:05   H+-DHI-09-SparBOFWEC
User group leader: Roberto Tomasicchio
Presenter: Griet Decorte and Elisa Leone
Title: Spar Buoy for Offshore Floating Wind Energy Conversion
Facility: DHI Ocean Wave Basin

09:05   H+-UPC-01-CIEM
User group leader: Ming Li
Presenter: Dominic van der A
Title: Hydrodynamics and turbulence under breaking waves
Facility: UPC-CIEM

09:25   H+DHI-10-HyWEdges
User group leader: Lucy Gwen Gillis
Presenter: Lucy Gwen Gillis
Title: HyWEdges (hydrodynamics at coastal wetland edges)
Facility: DHI Shallow water basin

09:25   H+-UPC-03-CIEM
User group leader: Adam Bezuijen
Presenter: Adam Bezuijen
Title: Large scale experiments for an alternative erosion control measure using sand-filled geosystems
Facility: UPC-CIEM

09:45   H+-DHI-01-WaveCurrentInt
User group leader: Carla Faraci
Presenter: Carla Faraci
Title: Waves plus currents INteracting at a right anGleover rough bedS (WINGS)
Facility: DHI Shallow water basin

09:45   H+-UPC-02-CIEM
User group leader: José Alsina
Presenter: Sonja Eichentopf
Title: Influence of storm sequencing and beach recovery on sediment transport and beach resilience (resist)
Facility: UPC-CIEM

(not included in the live stream)

10:05   H+-Deltares-03-DF-Kortenhaus
User group leader: Andreas Kortenhaus
Presenter: Max Streichler
Title: Large scale experiments of overtopped wave loads on storm walls
Facility: Deltares Delta Flume

10:05   H+-NTNU-01-StratWeb
User group leader: Philippe Pondaven
Presenter: Phillippe Pondaven
Title: Stratification and food web dynamics in marine pelagic environments. Acronym: STRATWEB
Facility: NTNU Sletvik Field Station

10:25   H+-Deltares-12-DB-Heller
User group leader: Valentin Heller
Presenter: Valentin Heller
Title: Tsunamis due to ice masses: Different calving mechanisms and linkage to landslide-tsunamis
Facility:  Deltares Delta Basin

10:25   H+-Aalto-02-Wave
User group leader: Jaak Monbaliu
Presenter: Jaak Monbaliu
Title: Waves-in-ice: Wave attenuation and ice breakup
Facility: Aalto Ice Tank

Session 2a (Room: “I.L. Caragiale”) Session 2b (Room: “Academiei”)

11:20   H+-Deltares-16-DB-Bruce
User group leader: Tom Bruce
Presenter: Leopoldo Franco
Title: Wave overtopping of coastal defences under directionally bimodal wave attack
Facility: Deltares Delta Basin

11:20   H+‐AALTO‐06‐UNIS
User group leader: Aleksey Shestov
Presenter: Jaakko Heinonen
Title: Scaling and production of firstyear ridges in ice basins
Facility: Aalto Ice Tank

11:40   H+_LUH_03_Basin_RodBreak
User group leader: João Alfredo Ferreira dos Santos
Presenter: Rute Lemos
Title: RODBreak - Wave run-up, overtopping and damage in rubble-mound breakwaters under oblique extreme wave conditions due to climate change scenarios
Facility: LUH Wave and current basin

11:40   H+-HSVA-01-Kvaerner
User group leader: Hilde Benedikte Østlund
Presenter: Andrei Tsarau
Title: Experimental study on wave propagation in ice and the combined action of waves and ice on structures
Facility: HSVA LIMB

12:00   H+_LUH_08_GWK_DynaRev
User group leader: Christopher Blenkinsopp
Presenter: Paul Bayle
Title: Dynamic Coastal Protection: Resilience of Dynamic Revetments Under SLR
Facility: LUH Large Wave Flume

12:00   H+-HSVA-02-UCL
User group leader: Peter Robert Sammonds
Presenter: Peter Robert Sammonds
Title: Sea Ice Dynamics: Role of Broken Ice in Multi‐scale Deformation
Facility: HSVA LIMB

12:20   H+_LUH_17_GWK_ICODEP
User group leader: Riccardo Briganti
Presenter: Riccardo Briganti
Title: ICODEP – Impact of Changes in the fOreshore on coastal Defence Performance
Facility: LUH Large Wave Flume

12:20   HY+_HSVA‐06_UNIS
User group leader: Aleksey Marchenko
Presenter:  Aleksey Marchenko
Title: Investigation of bending rheology of floating saline ice and physical mechanisms of wave damping
Facility: HSVA LIMB and Ice Laboratory

12:40   H+_LUH_22_GWK_RESIST
User group leader: Iris Möller
Presenter: Elizabeth Christie
Title: Response of Ecologically-mediated Shallow Intertidal Shore Transitions to extreme hydrodynamic forcing (RESIST)
Facility: LUH Large Wave Flume

User group leader: Magda Carr
Presenter: Magda Carr
Title: Internal wave dynamics in the marginal ice zone
Facility: HSVA AETB

Session 3a (Room: “I.L. Caragiale”) Session 3b (Room: “Academiei”)

14:00   H+-HULL-01-TES
User group leader: Jantiene Baartman
Presenter: Jantiene Baartman
Title: Testing a novel explanatory factor for the non-linearity between rainfall event magnitude‐frequency and catchment erosion with HYDRALAB+
Facility: Hull TES

14:00   H+-CNRS-01-Adduce
User group leader: Claudia Adduce
Presenter: Claudia Adduce
Title: The dynamics of bi-directional exchange flows: implication for morphodynamic change within estuaries and sea straits
Facility: CNRS CoriolisII

14:20   H+-HULL-02resub-TES
User group leader: Elena Tricarico
Presenter: Elena Tricarico
Title: Smelling vortices: Animal tracking of chemical scents in turbulent, unidirectional flows
Facility: Hull TES

14:20   H+-CNRS-02-Darelius
User group leader: Elin Darelius
Presenter: Elin Darelius
Title: Topographic barriers and warm ocean currents controlling Antarctic ice shelf melting
Facility: CNRS CoriolisII

14:40   H+-HULL-07-TES
User group leader: Olivier Eiff
Presenter: Olivier Eiff
Title: Flow through emergent and submerged patches in wide shallow flow
Facility: Hull TES

14:40   H+-CNRS-07-Gacic
User group leader: Miroslav Gačić
Presenter: Manuel Bensi
Title: The Adriatic-Ionian Bimodal Oscillating System (BiOS-CRoPEx)
Facility: CNRS CoriolisII

15:00   H+-HULL-10-TES
User group leader: Matthieu de Schipper
Presenter: Matthieu de Schipper
Title: MoDEX: Morphological diffusivity experiment - controls on morphological diffusivity for innovative beach protection schemes
Facility: Hull TES

15:00   H+-CNRS-08-Pierini
User group leader: Stefano Pierini
Presenter: Eletta Negretti
Title: Laboratory modeling of gap-leaping and intruding western boundary currents under different climate change scenarios
Facility: CNRS CoriolisII

15:20   H+-HRW-02-Kleinhans
User group leader: Maarten Kleinhans
Presenter: Michele Bolla Pittaluga
Title: Splitting nature at its seams: morphodynamic stability of river and tidal bifurcations
Facility: HRW Fast Flow Facility

15:20   H+-CNRS-06-DeSerio
User group leader: Francesca De Serio
Presenter: Francesca De Serio
Title: JEts interacting with VEgetation in Rotating Basin (JEVERB)
Facility: CNRS CoriolisII

15:40   H+-HRW-01-Troch
User group leader: Peter Troch
Presenter: Carlos Arboleda
Title: Large scale experiments to improve monopile scour protection design adapted to climate change
Facility: HRW Fast Flow Facility


16:30   Feedback session (Room: “I.L. Caragiale”)