The Infrastructure Network HYDRALAB started in 1997 as a Concerted Action (1997-2000) and continued as a network HYDRALAB-II (2000-2004). Both focus on the hydraulics, geophysical fluid dynamics, ship dynamics and ice engineering facilities and were supported by the European Commission in FP4 and FP5 respectively. After March 2004 HYDRALAB continued as an Infrastructure Network at the own cost of the participating partners.

In April 2006 HYDRALAB-III started as an Integrated Infrastructure Initiative (I3), i.e. an integrated programme of Networking activities, Transnational Access to 22 unique and/or rare facilities and two Joint Research Activities. A total of 69 Transnational Access projects were carried out by more than 500 researchers from across Europe. Together with the two Joint Research Activities by the Hydralab partners this has led to a huge amount of publications.

Hydralab-III ended in April 2010.


The Hydralab IV project ran from October 2010 until October 2014. 22 partners and 8 associated partners formed a coherent network of research institutes in the field of hydraulics, geophysical fluid dynamics, environmental research and ice engineering.
The scope of Hydralab was reflected in its theme: "More than water". It comprised the following elements:

  • Water and environmental elements (focusing on ecology and biology)
  • Water and sediment
  • Water and structures
  • Water and ice

Hydralab IV ended in 2014.


The current Hydralab project runs from September 2015 until August 2019, in which 24 partners and 9 associated partners form a coherent network of research institutes will be working to strenghthen the coherence of experimental hydraulic research to better address climate change adaptation issues.