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Transnational Access, opening unique facilities to European researchers

New generation researchers from all over Europe have been invited to carry out their experimental research in large and unique experimental facilities designed for flow, wave and ice research in 10 top institutes and universities in Europe. The best proposals are selected from an open competition. Many experiments have been selected to deal with the interaction of vegetation and sediment transport/erosion, the increasing wave overtopping of coastal structures and considering new threats like tsunami effects due to falling ice walls. Each ‘Transnational Access’ project has on average 10 researchers from 5 different countries, and the majority of researchers has never used the facility before.

One of the Transnational Access projects has a blog: 


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Search TA Projects

 HIII (04/06 - 04/10)
 HIV (10/10 - 10/14)
 H+ (10/16 - 10/20)