Experiments by Invited Researchers


Transnational Access, opening unique facilities to European researchers

New generation researchers from all over Europe have been invited to carry out their experimental research in large and unique experimental facilities designed for flow, wave and ice research in 10 top institutes and universities in Europe. The best proposals are selected from an open competition. Many experiments have been selected to deal with the interaction of vegetation and sediment transport/erosion, the increasing wave overtopping of coastal structures and considering new threats like tsunami effects due to falling ice walls. Each ‘Transnational Access’ project has on average 10 researchers from 5 different countries, and the majority of researchers has never used the facility before.

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Search TA Projects

 HIII (04/2006 - 04/2010)
 HIV (10/2010 - 10/2014)
 H+ (10/2016 - 10/2020)

TA Projects of Hydralab+:

Acronym Title Hydralab? Category Provider Facility Report
H+-Aalto-02-Wave Waves-­in‐ice: Wave attenuation and ice breakup HYD+ Waves AALTO Ice Tank  
H+-Deltares-12-DB-Heller Tsunamis due to ice masses: Different calving mechanisms and linkage to landslide-tsunamis HYD+ Waves DELTARES Delta Basin (Multi-directional wave basin) More Info
H+-DHI-01-WINGS Waves plus currents INteracting at a right anGle over rough bedS (WINGS) HYD+ Waves DHI Arctic Environmental Test Basin (AETB)  
H+-UPC-01-CIEM Hydrodynamics and turbulence under breaking waves HYD+ Waves UPC CIEM  
H+-NTNU-01-StratWeb Stratification and food web dynamics in marine pelagic environments. HYD+ Environment NTNU  
H+_LUH_08_GWK_DynaRev Dynamic Coastal Protection: Resilience of Dynamic Revetments Under SLR HYD+ Sediment FZK Large Wave Flume, GWK  
H+_LUH_12_GWK_Hydromast Calibration of Bioinspired Hydromasts Under Wave Action HYD+ Other FZK Large Wave Flume, GWK  
HY+_HSVA-01_Kvaerner Experimental study on wave propagation in ice and the combined action of waves and ice on structures (LS-WICE) HYD+ Waves In Ice HSVA Large Ice Model Basin (LIMB) More Info
H+‐AALTO‐06‐UNIS Scaling and production of first-year ice ridges in ice basins, ice ridge interaction with conical structures HYD+ Structures AALTO Ice Tank  
HY+_HSVA-02_UCL Sea Ice Dynamics: The Role of Broken Ice in Multi-scale Deformation HYD+ Ships and Ice HSVA Large Ice Model Basin (LIMB)  
H+-UPC-03-CIEM Large scale experiments for an alternative erosion control measure using sand-filled geosystems HYD+ Sediment UPC CIEM  
H+-CNRS-02-Darelius Topographic barriers and warm ocean currents controlling Antarctic ice shelf melting HYD+ Oceanography CNRS Coriolis platform More Info
H+-CNRS-01-Adduce The dynamics of bi-directional exchange flows: implication for morphodynamic change within estuaries and sea straits HYD+ Oceanography CNRS Coriolis platform More Info
H+-HULL-07-TES Flow through emergent and submerged patches in wide shallow flow HYD+ Environment UHULL Total Environment Simulator  
H+-HULL-01-TES Testing a novel explanatory factor for the non‐linearity between rainfall event magnitude‐frequency and catchment erosion with HYDRALAB+ HYD+ Environment UHULL Total Environment Simulator  
H+-HRW-02-Kleinhans Splitting nature at its seams: morphodynamic stability of river and tidal bifurcations HYD+ Sediment HRW The Fast Flow Facility More Info
H+-Deltares-16-BD-Bruce Wave overtopping of coastal defences under directionally bimodal wave attack HYD+ Structures DELTARES Delta Basin (Multi-directional wave basin)  
H+_LUH_03_Basin_RodBreak RODBreak - Wave run-up, overtopping and damage in rubble-mound breakwaters under oblique extreme wave conditions due to climate change scenarios HYD+ Structures FZK Multi-directional Wave and Current Basin  
H+-HRW-01-Troch Large scale experiments to improve monopile scour protection design adapted to climate change HYD+ Structures HRW Stratified Water Flume  
H+_LUH_22_GWK_RESIST Response of Ecologically-mediated Shallow Intertidal Shore Transitions to extreme hydrodynamic forcing HYD+ Eco FZK Large Wave Flume, GWK  
HY+_HSVA‐08_UNI ST.ANDREWS Internal wave dynamics in the marginal ice zone HYD+ Waves In Ice HSVA Arctic Environmental Test Basin (AETB)  
HY+_HSVA‐06_UNIS Investigation of bending rheology of floating saline ice and physical mechanisms of wave damping HYD+ Waves In Ice HSVA Large Ice Model Basin (LIMB)  
H+-CNRS-06-JEVERB Jets interacting with Vegetation in Rotating Basin HYD+ Oceanography CNRS Coriolis platform  
H+-HULL-10-TES MoDEX: Morphological Diffusivity Experiment - controls on morphological diffusivity for innovative beach protection schemes HYD+ Environment UHULL Total Environment Simulator  
H+-HULL-02resub-TES Smelling vortices: Animal tracking of chemical scents in turbulent, unidirectional flows HYD+ Environment UHULL Total Environment Simulator  
H+-CNRS-07-Gacic The Adriatic-Ionian Bimodal Oscillating System (BiOS-CRoPEx) HYD+ Oceanography CNRS Coriolis platform  
H+-Deltares-03-DF-Kortenhaus Large scale experiments of overtopped wave loads on storm walls HYD+ Structures DELTARES Delta Flume More Info
H+_LUH_17_GWK_ICODEP ICODEP – Impact of Changes in the fOreshore on coastal Defence Performance HYD+ Sediment FZK Large Wave Flume, GWK