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One of the Transnational Access projects has a blog. A description of the project can be found here. Follow the project blog on:

or visit the project Facebook...

Hydralab+ Second Event, Gdansk, November 2016

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To see a 'Storify' timeline of the Hydralab+ Second Event held in Gdansk Poland in November 2016, including:

Day One: JRA 3: FREE DATA workshop
Day 2: Participants meeting and H+ Virtual community...

Biofilm Day 2016 – University of Hull

Posted: 07/07/2016 By: Estelle Morris

Bio-stabilisation of sediments is an important effect of biofilms influencing sediment dynamics in coastal and fluvial environments. Changes in environmental conditions due to climate change may impact the sediment stabilising...

Biofilm blog - University of Hull

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Micro-organism play an important role in aquatic environments such as rivers, lakes and estuaries. These microbial assemblages ('biofilms') preferentially develop at water-air and water-sediment interfaces and are known to...

Hydralab+ First Event, Hull, January 2016

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To see a 'Storify' timeline of the Hydralab+ First Event held at the University of Hull in January 2016, including:

  • Day One: Welcome to Hydralab+ 
  • Introducing the Joint Research Activities
  • Hydralab+...

1st HYDRALAB+ event in Hull, UK, 26-29 January 2016

Posted: 21/01/2016 By: Estelle Morris

The first HYDRALAB+ event, that will see all Hydralab+ participants and invited participants meeting to discuss the new Hydralab+ project, work already completed but more importantly at this stage the...