Hydralab+ Project Overview and Objectives


Adaptation for Climate Change


Europe’s focused approach to experimental hydraulic and environmental research

The HYDRALAB+ project brings together European researchers, industry and stakeholders to improve experimental research, related numeric modelling and field studies aimed at adapting to climate change.

Countries worldwide are facing climate change consequences

Due to climate change many countries worldwide are faced with extreme river discharges and higher sea water levels with more frequent storm events and increasing wave and river flow conditions along their coasts and riparian margins. New approaches and nature-based solutions are needed to avoid high-risk erosion and inundation events. Experimental research from our project will provide knowledge and tools to manage these problems more effectively. Experimental research, particularly at large scales, is an
indispensable step to provide sound and sustainable solutions because of the limitations present in numerical models and field data.

Extending the traditional research

One of the most urgent technical challenges regarding to Europe’s rivers and coasts is to extend the traditional research focusing on hydraulics and morphology with additional knowledge of eco-hydraulics to better understand the biological and ecological environment. This multidisciplinary approach is necessary for effective management of the natural environment under changing climatic conditions.

Three main components of HYDRALAB+

I. Joint Research Activities
II. Transnational Access
III. Networking Activities

Joint Research Activities

Through three joint research activities the HYDRALAB+ project, is facilitating progress in the discipline as well as strengthening the coherence of the experimental hydraulic and environmental research infrastructure.

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