Bucharest Event Additional Information

Social Dinner (on 22th May, from 19:00-24:00)

Restaurant name: Hanul lui Manuc

Address: Str. Franceza nr. 62, Bucharest

It is walking distance from the conference venue and also from the hotels that we have suggested:

The menu will include Romanian dishes, suitable for vegetarians if requested.


  • “PASTORAL PLATTER” –White cheese, mature „burduf“ cheese in natural lamb casing, cured spicy lamb salami, lamb pastrami, traditional Pleșcoi sausages, olives, tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, red onion
  • “LANDLADY'S PLATTER” – Grilled eggplant spread („Zacuscă“),cooked eggplant and tomato salad (prepared on a wood fire) and bean puree

Main course:

  • grilled pork, chicken, “mici” (minced meat rolls) served with baked potatoes and salad


  • cheesecake, apple pie

Soft and alcoholic drinks, coffee

Local currency:

The National Currency in Romania is the Romanian Leu (RON as abbreviation; Lei is plural). The exchange rate fluctuates according to stock exchange demand / offer cycle.

Generally the exchange rate is between 4.80 – 4.90 RON/ 1 Euro.

In the Airport the Exchange Rate course is generally very unfavourable for travellers! Better solutions are the ATM machines in the Arrivals Hall.

A Taxi ride should not be more than 60-70 Lei. The overwhelming majority of the taxis do not have POS /credit/debit card payment facilities.

Pay attention! In Bucharest 99.99% of the transactions are accepted only in Romanian Lei!

In restaurants / pubs the tips are generally 10-15%. They are not included in the bills – and please do not pay them with credit cards (you can pay bills with cards no problem in most of the pubs, bars and restaurants from the city centre). 

About Bucharest

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