Grenoble Event Travel Information

Travel to the city:


A high-speed TGV station ideally located in the city center:
Grenoble - Lyon: regional trains every 30mn, and  a1h20 ride
Grenoble - Paris: 8 direct high-speed TGV trains per day connect Grenoble to the French capital in just over 3 hours.


At the crossroads of 3 valleys with excellent road networks, Grenoble is particularly easy to get to, by the A48(Lyon, Valence), A41 (Chambéry, Annecy, Geneva) et A51 (Marseille, Nice) motorways.


  • Lyon-Saint-Exupéry airport: 55 min. from the city center, with shuttles running every half hour to Grenoble central bus station (see
  • Grenoble-Isère airport: 35 min. from the city center (low cost and regular international airlines), you can then get a taxi to the hotel or an Airport bus line ACTIBUS from Grenoble Isère airport to Grenoble city center (tel: or for booking)
  • Geneva Airport: 1h45 from Grenoble

Travel to the accommodation:

From the airport shuttle terminal, walk to the railway station (5 min), then walk to the hotel (less than 15 minute, see map on page 'Accomodation'), or take the tramway or a taxi.


Travel to the venue:

  • on Tuesday and Wednesday: Tramway line B, direction 'Gieres, Plaine des Sports', stop at station 'Bibliothèques Universitaires' (20 minutes), then walk (500 m, 10 minutes) to CTP (see map).
  • on Thursday and Friday: From the railway station (Gare-Europole) take tram line B, direction 'Gières Plaine des Sports' to stop'Bibliothèques Universitaires' then walk (500 m, 10 minutes) to LEGI (see map).

(If you have any disability, please contact the organiser, we can organise special transportation)