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Waves plus currents INteracting at a right anGle over rough bedS (WINGS)

Project acronym: H+-DHI-01-WINGS
Name of Group Leader: Carla Faraci
User-Project Title: Waves plus currents INteracting at a right anGle over rough bedS (WINGS)
Facility: Shallow Water Basin
Data Storage Report: WINGS_data_storage_report_3rddraft.docx
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Associated DOI data sets: Data Storage Report DOI

The WINGS (Waves plus currents INteracting at a right anGle over rough bedS) Transnational Access to the Major Infrastructures, funded within the Hydralab+ Programme at the Shallow Water Tank (DHI, Denmark) was aimed at investigating the hydrodynamic effects of an orthogonal wave onto a current propagating on a rough bed. To this aim, three different rough beds, a sandy, a gravel and a rippled bed, were considered, and both surface waves and velocity profiles were acquired by means of several wave gauges and Micro Acoustic Doppler Velocimeters positioned along the tank in current only, wave only and wave plus current regimes.

In the figure below a sketch of the shallow water tank layout is reported, with highlights on wave and current generation and interaction area, wave absorption, rough bed floor and bridge holding the vectrinos. Moreover, the pictures show also the position of the vectrinos on the different rough beds.

Waves with periods between 1 and 2 s and wave heights between 0.05 m and 0.18 m were propagated along the basin. Two different water depths d were considered, 0.4 and 0.6 m. In this way two different current conditions were generated within the  flume keeping the flow rate equal to 1 m3/s. The combination of the wave and the current conditions led to reproduce both wave and current dominated regimes.