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Spar Buoy for Offshore Floating WInd Energy Conversion (SparBOFWEC)

Project acronym: H+-DHI-09-SparBOFWEC
Name of Group Leader: Giuseppe Roberto Tomasicchio
User-Project Title: Spar Buoy for Offshore Floating WInd Energy Conversion (SparBOFWEC)
Facility: Offshore Wave Basin
Data Storage Report: SparBOFWEC_data_storage_report-1562317671.docx
Publications: Users-group-H+---DHI-09-SparBOFWEC.pdf
Address to obtain the data:
Associated DOI data sets: 10.5281/zenodo.3269436: SparBOFWEC Spar Buoy for Offshore Floating Wind Energy Conversion - Data Storage Report

The present work describes the experiences gained from the design methodology and operation of a 3D physical model experiment aimed to investigate the dynamic behaviour of a spar buoy (SB) off-shore floating wind turbine (WT) under different wind and wave conditions. The physical model tests have been performed at Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI) off-shore wave basin within the European Union-Hydralab+ Initiative, in April 2019. The floating WT model has been subjected to a combination of regular and irregular wave attacks and wind loads.