Basins (for coastal, offshore and ship dynamics research)

Large wave flumes (for near prototype testing)

Large wave flumes

Facility Facility Providers Contact
 Delta Basin (Multi-directional wave basin)

Basin (50x50m) with swell and short crested waves with directional spreading, combined with directional wave absorbing by the wave board (reflection compensation system).

Stichting Deltares Mark Klein Breteler
 Multi-directional Wave and Current Basin

Multidirectional sea states with a max. wave height of 0.47 m can be produced in the 3D wave basin (dimensions: 40 m x 24 m) for water depth up to 1 m.

LUH (Franzius-Institute, FI) Nils Kerpen
 Offshore Wave Basin

3 m deep basin with 12 m deep central pit. 3D wave generation, Internal steady current circulation and wind loading

DHI Thor Ugelvig Petersen
 Shallow Water Basin

3D wave facility with active wave abosorption by the wave board. Current circulation, wind loading and optional secondary uni-directional wave generation.

DHI Thor Ugelvig Petersen