Delta Basin (Multi-directional wave basin)

Delta Basin (Multi-directional wave basin)
Stichting Deltares
Mark Klein Breteler

P.O.Box 177
2600 MH
The Netherlands

Basin (50x50m) with swell and short crested waves with directional spreading, combined with directional wave absorbing by the wave board (reflection compensation system).

Description of facility:

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Technical data

Wave generator
piston-type (translatory) wave board
number of segments: 180 (100+80)
length of wavemaker: 66.4 m (40 + 26.4)
equipped with 3D active reflection compensation
Wave characteristics
frequency range between f = 0.2 Hz and f = 2.5 Hz
wave directions between -85 and 85 degrees
maximum regular wave height Hmax = 0.45 m
maximum significant wave height Hm0 = 0.25 m
lateral current


The Delta basin (50 x 50 m) is a multidirectional wave basin, equipped with 2 multidirectional wave generators, placed at a right angle to each other. The wave generators are capable of generating both regular (periodic) as irreguler (random) long-crested or short-crested waves according to both well-known frequency-directional distributions. Both wave generators are equipped with online Active Reflection Compensation, which effectively eliminates re-reflections of waves from the wave board. Also wave board control for random second-order waves is operational to compensate for spurious waves. The Dalrymple Method generates a wave train at a specified location, which effectively increases the model area which can be used.

Application areas

The influence of 3D wave attack on structures can be substantial. To study phenomena related to such conditions the Delta basin is very suitable, because of its large dimensions and the 2 multidirectional wave generators. Both waves, current and a combination of these can be generated.

The Delta basin is used for coastal and offshore related projects. In all of these studies, aspects of armour stability, hydraulic performance, wave impact loading and the determination of the relevant hydraulic conditions for design purposes were of primary interest.


Typical studies for the Delta basin are related to:

  • Breakwaters; 3D stability, breakwater roundhead
  • Jetties; wave pressures and wave forces on piles and decks of Jetties
  • Revetments
  • Wave climate studies
  • Wave agitation into harbours
  • Moored ship studies
  • Scour and mobile bed studies
  • Dune erosion and coastal beach protection schemes
Delta Basin (Multi-directional wave basin) Delta Basin (Multi-directional wave basin)




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