Offshore Wave Basin

Layout of DHI’s Offshore Wave Basin
Thor Ugelvig Petersen

Agern Allé 5
DK-2970 Hųrsholm

3 m deep basin with 12 m deep central pit. 3D wave generation, Internal steady current circulation and wind loading

Description of facility:

DHI’s Offshore Wave Basin is 20 m long and 30 m wide with an overall depth of 3 m and a 12 m pit.

Layout of DHI’s Offshore Wave Basin  Layout of DHI’s Offshore Wave Basin 
Figure 1: Layout of DHI’s Offshore Wave Basin


Short-crested (3D) waves and swell are generated by 60 individually controlled flaps. A parabolic wave absorber located opposite the wavemakers minimizes reflections. Practically any wave spectrum and combination of wave spectra may be generated.


Current is generated in the basin using a technique of entrainment. Water is pumped through high-pressure nozzles, located in a rack in front of the wave generators..


Wind Load on vessels or structures can be simulated by computer-controlled wind fans.

Layout of DHI’s Offshore Wave Basin 
Figure 2: Testing an FPSO in DHI’s Offshore Wave Basin

Project Reports using this facility Proceedings based on experiments using this facility
Hydrodynamic performance of the Anaconda wavepower device Hydrodynamic performance of the anaconda wavepower device
Slowly varying drift forces Experimental study of the slowly varying wave exciting drift forces on a body of simple geometry
Dynamic response of floating off-shore wind turbines under random waves and wind action PHYSICAL MODEL EXPERIMENTS ON FLOATING OFF-SHORE WIND TURBINES