Shallow Water Basin

Thor Ugelvig Petersen

Agern Allé 5
DK-2970 Hųrsholm

3D wave facility with active wave absorption by the wave board. Current circulation, wind loading and optional secondary uni-directional wave generation.

Description of facility:

DHI's Shallow Water Basin for combined waves and current is 35 m long and 25 m wide with an overall depth of 0.8 m. The basin is ideal for model testing when the effects of combined waves and current are of major importance, for instance scour around structures, and loads on fixed or floating coastal and offshore structures.

Figure 1: Testing of floating systems in DHI's Shallow Water Basin


3D wave generation with a new multi-directional segmented wavemaker. With a paddle height of 1.20m, the wavemaker is designed to operate at water depths between 0.2m and 0.8m.

Figure 2: 3D wavemaker equipped with DHI AWACS Active Wave Absorption.

The wavemaker is equipped with DHI AWACS Active Wave Absorption which is a means of avoiding spurious reflection from a wavemaker. The technique allows for full control over the incident waves, even when testing highly reflective structures in a basin.

Furthermore, DHI?s Shallow Water Basin provides the option of secondary uni-directional wave generation by movable piston type wavemakers.


Current is generated by external recirculation of water. The additional moveable wavemakers provide the option of collinear wave-current generation by having the water injected underneath the wavemakers.


Wind loading on vessels or structures can be simulated by computer-controlled wind fans.

Project Reports using this facility Proceedings based on experiments using this facility
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Slowly varying drift forces Experimental study of the slowly varying wave exciting drift forces on a body of simple geometry
Breaking wave impacts and non-breaking wave interactions with offshore wind turbine foundations Violent wave interactions with a vertical cylinder - applications to offshore wind turbine foundations and “ringing” re-visited
Effect of very oblique waves on wave run-up and wave overtopping (CornerDike) WAVE RUN-UP AND WAVE OVERTOPPING UNDER VERY OBLIQUE WAVE ATTACK (CORNERDIKE-PROJECT)
Experimental study of forces on a submarine outfall: influence of incident wave direction, of stabilizing concrete weights and pipe distance from bottom. EXPERIMENTAL STUDY OF FORCES ON A SUBMARINE OUTFALL: INFLUENCE OF INCIDENT WAVE DIRECTION OF STABILIZING CONCRETE WEIGHTS AND PIPE DISTANCE FROM THE BOTTOM
Large scale experiments on wave energy converter farms to study the near-field effects between the converters and the far-field effects on other users in the coastal area PHYSICAL MODELLING OF WAVE ENERGY CONVERTER ARRAYS IN A LARGE-SCALE WAVE BASIN: THE WECwakes PROJECT