Experiments by Invited Researchers


Hydrodynamic performance of the Anaconda wavepower device

Project acronym: HyIII-DHI-03
Name of Group Leader: Prof. John R. Chaplin, University of Southampton,
User-Project Title: Hydrodynamic performance of the Anaconda wavepower device
Facility: Offshore wave basin
Proceedings TA Project: Hydrodynamic performance of the anaconda wavepower device
Data Management Report: Report

User-Project Objectives


The objectives of this project are to answer the following questions, and to provide data to support subsequent numerical modeling of the Anaconda wavepower device:

  • How well is the basic theory of Farley & Rainey (2006b) supported by measurements?
  • What capture widths can be demonstrated over a range of wave frequencies with a simple power take-off system under laboratory conditions in regular waves?
  • How does the device behave in irregular waves and in extreme waves?


Wave power, bulge wave, rubber tube