Experiments by Invited Researchers


Submerged Flexible Circular Porous Structures in current and waves

Project acronym: HyIV-CIEM-05
Name of Group Leader: Dr. Pascal Klebert
User-Project Title: Submerged Flexible Circular Porous Structures in current and waves
Facility: CIEM Flume
Data Management Report: Report

User-Project Objectives

To investigate the different mechanisms involved in the deformation of flexible structures in currents and waves. The focus is on the vortex interactions in the wake and the internal hydrodynamics in the living space of the cage. To get a better understanding and details of the flow patterns inside and outside a cage in waves and currents to provide useful benchmarks for numerical models.

Short description of the work carried out

a) The main difficulty encountered were the time required to change the cage model as each time the tank as to be emptied in order to allow an easy access to the cage fixation points. This method has been chosen due to the high number of sensors (ADVs, Wave gauges, load cells) located around and in the cage. Trying to switch different cages with a tank full of water could have led to incidents which could had damage all these expensive sensors. The bottleneck of this procedure is that only one cage was able to be tested per day. b) The buildup of all the experimental setup took more time than expected: this may be due to the complexity of the experiments; Indeed time was required to buildup the scaffolding which supports all the sensors in specifics positions and the floating cage itself.

Highlights of important research results

The elaboration of the data acquired during the experiments are in progress, therefore we cannot highlights important research results up to now. But as a first major result of these experiments it can observed that the cage design1 (figure 11) offers a better alternative in terms of volume reduction while the design is the one undergoing large volume reduction.