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Model Tests in Ice with a Shoulder Ice Barrier

Project acronym: HyIII-HSVA-02
Name of Group Leader: Arne Gürtner, Norwegian University of Science and
User-Project Title: Model Tests in Ice with a Shoulder Ice Barrier
Facility: Large Ice Model Basin (LIMB)
Proceedings TA Project: Ice model tests as a basis for calibrating numerical ice-structure interaction models
Data Management Report: There is no Data Management Report available for this project

User-Project Objectives


Model tests on the Shoulder Ice Barrier (SIB) were performed in the Large Ice Model Basin of the Hamburgische Schiffbau-Versuchsanstalt GmbH (HSVA) during July 2007. Model tests were performed to investigate the conceptual design and force conditions under ice impact. Design conditions for the Northern Caspian Sea were assumed for the model tests. The characteristic shoulder sections’ inclination has been varied to investigate their contribution towards stabilizing broken ice and to prevent ice from over-riding. Ice up-riding onto the barrier contributes towards increased vertical forces. The global vertical forces showed to be higher than the global horizontal forces, and in particular when ice grounding was observed. Even under extreme rubble heights of up to 9.4 m (full scale), ice overriding the structure was effectively prevented. The SIB showed the potential to be utilized as ice protection structure for future shallow water developments.

In total two papers have been published in the Proceedings of the 19th IAHR International Symposium on Ice, 6-11 July, 2008 , Vancouver, Canada, and in the Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering (OMAE), June 15-20, 2008, Estoril, Portugal, OMAE2008- 57015.

a) Side view of rubble accumulation on the SIB,
b) three-dimensional contour plot of the rubble accumulation at the SIB,
c) picture showing the model test rubble pile