HYDRALAB+ Next Generation Researchers Workshop

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HYDRALAB+ is providing an opportunity for PhD students and Early Careers Researchers to participate in a workshop to be done at ICIEM infrasructure at LIM/UPC (Barcelona) looking at: Reprsenting Environmental Complexity in Experimental Design an Acoustic Measurement Techniques.

The students will follow a path into the different acoustic measurement techniques. Starting from the measuring principles, the set-up in a large scale wave flume, the data collection and finally the data analysis. Different application cases will be presented. The workshop will include masterclasses, laboratory experiments and data analysis practices. The workshop will end with a series of presentations on the four main topics performed by the students.

The workshop will take place at the Campus Nord UPC, Barcelona and will be divided into four main topics all related to acoustic hydro-morphodynamic measurements representing environmental complexity:

  • Velocity structures
  • Sediment concentration
  • Free surface elevation and evolution
  • Bed morphology

If you are interested in applying, please apply by 15th December 2017 using the web form on page You should explain why the workshop will benefit your research or PhD studies (200 words) and attach a 1-page CV. Successful applicants will be offered a place on the workshop by 23rd of December 2017. You will be able to claim up to 800 Euros towards your transport costs. Accommodation and some meals are provided.

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