Announcing the 4th HYDRALAB+ project event in Grenoble France, 22nd to 26th January 2018

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The website is open for registration: 

Programme in short:

Monday 22 January:
Management Team meeting (closed meeting)

Tuesday 23 January:
Plenary Participant meeting including Field trip and TA Providers meeting (closed meeting)

Wednesday 24 January:
Advanced worshop on JRA1 RECIPE on Protocols for scaling morphodynamics in time and workshop on Climate Change Community - Stakeholders

Thursday 25 January:
Joint discussion on specific JRA issues (Foresight Studies, JRA3, JRA2)

Friday 26 January:
Joint discussion on specific JRA issues (JRA1)

The participant dinner is on Wednesday night and the technical fieldtrip to the LEGI laboratory, including the Coriolis platform will follow the Participant meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

To register you go to  and click on ‘register for event’. At that page you can also invite a guest with the ‘Add an Invited Guest’ button. Work Package leaders should use this button for invited external guests, who will then receive a password to register.

We are looking forward meeting you in Grenoble!

Joel Sommeria (Organising Team CNRS)
Frans Hamer (Coordinator HYDRALAB+)

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