Hydralab+ First Event, Hull, January 2016

Posted: 29/03/2016 By: Samui Admin

To see a 'Storify' timeline of the Hydralab+ First Event held at the University of Hull in January 2016, including:

  • Day One: Welcome to Hydralab+ 
  • Introducing the Joint Research Activities
  • Hydralab+ provides free access to some of the flume facilities of the Partners
  • Day 2: A workshop discussing Climate Change, and the role of physical models
  • Hydralab+ evening event held at The Deep in Hull, home of the Total Environment Simulator
  • Day 3 of the event: Discussions on Networking and the details of JRA1: RECIPE
  • Day 4: Detailed discussions of JRA 2: COMPLEX and JRA 3: FREEdata
  • A fruitful and stimulating first event in Hull

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