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Santander, capital of the autonomous community of Cantabria , is a cozy and quiet coastal town with a large south - facing bay whose beauty has made it considered one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Main port of Castilian exports during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, preserved stately streets, witness the splendor of the period.

A modern city due largely to the fire that took place in 1941 and destroyed its old town that had to be rebuilt almost entirely the city is characterized by being urbanized on different hills and valleys, which makes him have steep streets, slopes and steep descents, wide boulevards, coastal walks and sea have gained ground over a wide area of ​​the center.

With thirteen beaches in their environment and numerous parks, it has in El Sardinero a splendid residential area with extraordinary mansions, among which the Magdalena Palace , former summer residence of the Kings of Spain and International University today.

Today Santander is a dynamic city with intensive commercial trading and services, and throughout the year enjoys much cultural activity. The Palais des Festivals has an annual program of great category (cycles theater, dance, opera, music ...) that culminates in summer with the Santander International Festival. Also highlights the Menendez Pelayo International University , a pioneer among Spain summer campus and renovated and expanded Maritime Museum of Cantabria , in addition to the spectacular Golf Mataleñas .

The city offers splendid conditions for the walk is along the framework of Cabo Mayor to El Sardinero , from there to La Magdalena , and from there to the center by the Avenida de Reina Victoria- contemplating its beautiful sandy beaches; Whether in the historic center, Puertochico to beyond the Calle Burgos, alternating contemplation of noble buildings with the windows of the best trade.

Santander is rich in Verdes- areas and parks Marga Morales, the gardens of Pereda, La Magdalena or Mataleñas- Cabo Mayor. The city has managed to develop while respecting its natural setting, which is also space for recreation and sport: sailing, rowing, surfing and scuba diving; golf, hiking, mountain biking or even climbing are sports practiced assiduously without leaving the city.

The city encompasses a number of must - sees such as the Cathedral , El Palacio de la Magdalena , Plaza Porticada , The Bank of Santander , the Gran Casino del Sardinero , or more modern and Festival Hall, Exhibition and Sports . Not forgetting museums such as the Museum of Fine Arts , the Cantabrian Maritime Museum , the Museum of Prehistory , among others.

A modern and cosmopolitan city that offers alternatives for all tastes, active and peaceful at the same time meets all the conditions to enjoy the stay.

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