JRA3 FREE Data - Facilitating the Re-use and Exchange of Experimental Data


Facilitating the Re-use and Exchange of Experimental Data


The main aims of ‘FREE Data’ are to develop tools and protocols for the effective sharing of data that allows effective flux and exchange with numerical modelling and field case studies. As part of the work we will test and demonstrate these tools and protocols with a range of datasets, starting with relatively simple cases and building up to the most complex and most interdisciplinary datasets that will be generated in HYDRALAB+: those produced by work on ecohydraulics.

This Joint Research Activity will develop new methods for sharing and exchanging experimental results to encourage greater data flux and will demonstrate how the exchange of data between laboratories, numerical models and the field environment provides comprehensive solutions to climate change adaptation.

Achieving this will lead to the creation of a free market in open data, which can be used, reused and redistributed by anyone (



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 Minutes (Word)
Morris, Estelle

 Minutes (PDF)
Morris, Estelle

 Task 10.6 – Knowledge Transfer
Ali Aghaei, Quillon Harpham, Richard Holmes, James Sutherland

 Coriolis platform: serving data through OpenDAP
C. Bonamy, J. Chauchat, A. Mathieu, G. Moreau, J. Sommeria

 Facilitating Re-use and Exchange of Experimental Data Work Package 10 JRA3
Quillon Harpham and James Sutherland, HR Wallingford

 Rødsand 2017 Experiments and modelling
Ulrik Lumborg Sina Saremi Björn Elsäßer Flemming Møhlenberg Anne Lise Middelboe

 WP10 JRA3 Critical Review of data flux between laboratory models, numerical models and field case studies
Paul Cleverley, Lesley Mansfield, James Sutherland, Quillon Harpham (HR Wallingford)

 WP10 JRA3 Facilitating the re-use and exchange of experimental data - Data Standards Report
Quillon Harpham, Paul Cleverley, James Sutherland, Lesley Mansfield